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What is a Structural Engineer?

Most people don't know.

Structural engineering is a specialty field within Civil Engineering. Civil engineers design public projects such as highways, train yards, wharves and ports, water treatment facilities, and aqueducts, all of which comprise what is referred to as the infrastructure.

Structural Engineers are responsible for the design of structures that the citizens use on a daily basis. These structures include our office buildings, schools, government facilities, shopping malls, airport terminals and buildings, and bridges. Structural Engineers focus on the design of the elements of each structure, namely the beams, columns, walls, floors, roofs, and foundations, and the connections that hold all these elements together.

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2015 Rebuilding Together

On April 25th, 2015, SEA-MW renewed its commitment to participating in Rebuilding Together for the 6th consecutive year. A group of 23 SEA-MW volunteers, organized by the Young Member Group, worked together to assist an individual homeowner in Alexandria, Virginia. A total of 12 repair and maintenance tasks were performed that totaled approximately $1500 in work in a single day. A great big thanks to Team Captains Kellie Farster, Lynn Bregman, and Zach Kates for their efforts in organizing and directing the group of volunteers. Rebuilding Together is a non-profit organization that strengthens communities by providing help to families or individuals that don't have the financial resources or physical ability to maintain their homes."

Download the Rebuilding Together 2015 prensentation.

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